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By: Ashana Hapuarachchi

We are pleased to announce that an 'intermediate' CTZN App release (Android v0.0.50, iOS v1.0.5 and API v0.15.19) was deployed today and would be available for download via the respective stores within the next 48 hours!

In this version, we have incorporated feedback from you, made massive optimisation and speed improvements. There are over 50+ bug fixes and improvements!

Additionally, new features have been introduced such as,

  • Activity based filters for ''Near Me', 'Popular', 'Happening' and 'Latest' on the activity list view
  • New Activity List Layout

This release also lays out the foundation for some exciting features coming in 2017!

A big thank you to everyone who worked to get this release together. We will continue to focus on adding new features and improving the app experience 

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