Partner Organisations

The CTZN platform is constantly evolving and has incredible potential to change the way you work with young people in the UK.

The CTZN of the future will provide powerful new opportunities for organisations to communicate directly with young people, supporting those at risk whilst building trust and capturing invaluable feedback.

For CTZN to be successful now and in the future we need to make sure that there is sufficient fun, relevant, local, intriguing and safe but exciting, content on the app to attract sufficient young people to sign up, incentivise them to stay and convince them to recommend CTZN to their friends.

To help us develop and prioritise CTZN's capabilities we are working with a growing number of organisations across Greater Manchester; drawing on their strong track record of innovative, effective, quality work with young people. As well as being used in hundreds of schools, big names like Manchester United, Manchester Youth Council, Greater Sport, Home Manchester, Manchester Giants, Factory Youth Zone, British Weightlifting and many more are using CTZN to offer opportunities to young people.

We are always keen to hear from organisations that would like to get involved in this hugely exciting but challenging project. You could sign up with us and use CTZN to publicise your activities to thousands of young people across Greater Manchester, or do you have a brand, product or service that is coveted by 13-18 year olds? If so we'd like to reward our young people in return for their positive involvement in CTZN and its activities. From discounts on their next purchase to amazing prices for the best social projects, we're keen to see how you can help us reward the most creative and committed.

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